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 Bautismos de flight



Imagine seeing the world from a completely different perspective. In our club we have a nearby natural area that is envied by half the world, both the beaches of Cádiz and the Sierra de Cádiz converge in a natural landscape that everyone deserves to see from the air at some point. If, in addition to that, you can feel like a pilot for a day, this is your moment to try. 

Light flight baptism

The light flight baptism for those who want to try our shorter activity but no less exciting for it,. in which we can fly around Medina Sidonia (Cádiz)

- The duration of the flight is 20 'approx.

The cost of baptism is €90.

Middle baptism

In our middle baptism we have the option of going to the beach....

The route goes from Medina Sidonia from where we took off to the surroundings of Conil de la Frontera and back to the base...


. The duration of the flight is 40 'approx.

The cost of this baptism is 14€0.


If you want to give your baptism as a gift, we will make you   a gift voucher in PDF so that you can print and give away, how is this...

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Special conditions   of the reservation.

1)  Recruitment process and expiration

In order to book a flight with us and the desired date it is necessary to first pay a deposit or the entire flight.

One timepaid out hasone yearto be able to make the reservation with us.

People who have only paid the depositThey will be able to pay for the rest of the flight the same day it takes place.

If you prefer for ease, we also offer the service ofBIZUM, where you can also make the effective payment at 

No. 647 055 693.

If for some personal reason you have not been able to reserve it and you need us to extend the expiration date, you can write to us and it can be modified by adding 2 more months. If there has not been any type of contact, the bonus will expire in its original year.

2) If you do thefull payment or deposit  of the flight this does not have any type of return, if finally you cannot do it for personal reasons, you can change the name of the person who will make said flight and give it to another relative or acquaintance maintaining said expiration of 1 year .

3) UNEXPECTED CANCELLATIONS.You can reserve by paying only a deposit.

We know that there are many people with a tight schedule and can only make the flight on a specific date.

Also some people who are only passing through our lands and will not be there for long.

For these cases we recommend you pay only un DEPOSIT in case you have last-minute problems and in the end you cannot attend, you will only lose this deposit and not the cost of a full flight.

If the flight could not be made due to weather conditions, the flight may be postponed as many times as necessary during the expiration year of the voucher.


To carry out our activity it is necessary to have good weather conditions.

In the case of our area we have many days a year to be able to do our activity, practically the average number of days that you can fly a year is approximately 300 days, of course, varying somewhat each year.


The flight school will contact you within 48 hours to confirm that these conditions are good, otherwise it will suggest you choose another date to make your flight. 

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